A little advice please

I am looking for some advice about my Mum. A little background… About October last year she started to get headaches that would not go then started to get sinus pain and pressure. She went to the Dr’s who treated her for a sinus infection and was given antibiotics which didn’t help so had them for 2 months. In December the Dr decided see needed to see an ENT Dr as she was now also getting extreme tinnitus. The ENT Dr sent her for an MRI which showed white spots on the brain, he wasn’t concerned as it was nothing to do with him and referred her back to the Dr. Her Dr reviewed the MRI resulted and sent them to a neurologist. The neurologist requested an appointment with her but not until end of may ssge has already waited so much time. She’s now getting worse, she’s got problems with her bladder and now had a bad UTI, chest infection, muscle spasms in her arms legs and chest and her tinnitus is awful at the moment. Yesterday she cried all day, it’s so painful to see her like this. She’s also had problems with swallowing and said she feels,like something has been stuck in her throat like a tablet or something. Do these symptoms sound like MS? All the research I have done suggests so I’m really worried and feel helpless.

Sorry to hear about your mothers problems, but at least she’s in the system now to hopefully get some answers. I feel for both of you, it must be very difficult, but always remember there is support for you both on here. Take care

Have you notified your mum’s gp to let them know her condition is worse since getting referred? If not, then I would contact them if I was you. Don’t let your mum ignore things until the appointment…she needs reviewing.

Take care xx

Thank you both. Yes she goes to the Dr’s virtually weekly as symptoms progress/ new symptoms occurs. I make her go really so tht it is all documented. To make things worse she fell off her bed yesterday as we went dizzy and lost her balance and smashed her leg off a unit, she had to go to a&e and has lots of stitches just below her knee. I’m worried to leave her on her own at the moment in case anything else happens. How long does it take to get diagnosed once you get to see a neurologist? Thanks for being so kind x

I’m sorry to hear about your mum and the problems she’s having.

You asked how long it takes to get diagnosed and I think the answer is how long is a piece of string? In order to make a diagnosis, the doctor needs conclusive information from test results, so the starting point is how long it takes for the neuro’s request for tests to be processed, for the tests to be done and the reports sent back to the neuro. I got a diagnosis in 6 months but there are people on here who have been in limboland for years and still don’t have a diagnosis.

I hope it doesn’t take long for a neuro to give you and your mum some answers, but be prepared to be patient.

Hello again. Is it just you and your mum at home? Or is there someone else supporting you? Are you young? I hope you don’t mind me asking:-) I know how stressful it can be trying to support someone long term…it’s not easy. Take care xx

Did they discuss the possibility of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension with your mum? That can present with a cranial leak (fluid discharge from the nose).

I am posting anonmously but I’ve had a cranial leak for years. I can manage it with an IIH friendly diet.

Hi all, sorry for not posting sooner. The trip to the neurologist was a waste of time, he didn’t even look or ask what symptoms she had, he dismissed the white spots on the brain as mini strokes and wasn’t the slightest bit concerned. My mum came out in tears. That way may and as we now approach July she is becoming progressively worse - her speech is awful, she can’t swallow properly and has headaches and shiver sensations in her head all the time. She went to her gp this morning who had sent her straight to hospital as she has high blood pressure too. I’m so worried. No, I’m not young - 32 and married. My mum has my dad but he’s not great in these situations and just worries. She has her sisters who have been helping quite a bit too.

Hello again Your mum is in hospital now, so hopefully she will be well looked after after and given the correct medical care. Mini strokes (Trans Ischaemic Attacks) could be what’s causing many of your mum’s problems. Please let us know how she gets on won’t you. Take care :slight_smile:

I’m 58, 32 is young to me :slight_smile: