A few small steps for me; a giant leap in my recovery?

Yesterday, I managed to get out of the wheelchair for the first time in around 4 weeks and take about 25 steps with the aid of two crutches. Walking wasn’t great but a lot better than the very occasional shuffle over the last few weeks. Upwards and onwards? Let’s hope so.



So pleased for you.:-)Any iideas what brought this about? New meds or any changes in anything?

well done Derek, like you say onwards and upwards,hope your mobility improves more and more.

J x

Good stuff Derek. Keep up the good work and, remember, keep smiling - it frightens the bejasus out of them!


the last 6 weeks have been a massive downhill spiral. This came out of the blue after 6 years of SP (with only moderate decline) and 10 years of RR before that.

in the last 6 weeks, I’ve also had 2 UTI’s which no doubt made things even worse.

right, I’m off for a jog - or maybe not.


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Oh fabulous, I’m so happy for you! So is this more you moving back to where you were before your recent downturn? Does that happen with SP?

Thanks for the info Derek. I’m fairly new here so not up to speed with the regulars and their situation. :slight_smile: Now off you go and enjoy your jog…!!!

Watch out for the traffic and speeding wheelchairs!


not sure at this stage. Saw the neuro last month and he’s baffled. If it’s a relapse, he doesn’t understand why it’s so severe (much more severe than any relapse I had years ago); if it’s progression, again he doesn’t understand why the progression has been relatively moderate over the last 6 years ago and now I’ve gone downhill so fast.

I’m hoping it’s a relapse and I’ll bounce back somewhat from it.


marvelous news! yeh, onwards and upwards…keep your spirits up.


Congratulations Derek, take it slowly, and enjoy just doing a little bit at a time. Linda x

sounds like a relapse to me Derek, i am spms and have been since 2006,but i still have relapses which i partially recover from,my neuro told me you can still have relapses,but i do think i will be eventually given a label of progressive relapsing ms, i dont worry too much about labels.

J x

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Mrs J,

thanks is for the reply.

I’m certainly hoping it’s a relapse. However, I’ve had no significant relapses since I moved from RRMS to SPMS over 6 years ago, just a steady, but relatively moderate deterioration.

This episode is way more severe than any I’ve encountered before, it’s lasted for a lot longer and for the first time ever my left leg and foot has been affected as well as the right side. Normally it’s just my right side that is affected.


Could it be the UTI’s alone causing this? My MS Nurse always checks for an infection she says they can mimic MS symptoms.

Jan x

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excellent news derek.

rrms/spms very confusing - one part of our body may be in a state of rrms whilst another part is in a state of spms

and of course a dx of spms can only be made retrospectively as no one really knows what may happen to us in the future.

Congratulations and good luck; hopefully you can take this progression as a reason for optimism.

Yesterday 25 steps, today 26 steps, tomorrow 27 perhaps…?

The tallest mountain is conquered by way of the smallest steps.



I thought it might connected to UTI’s as up until now they’re they only thing that’s caused my MS to go wacky. However the normal course of events is UTI, then MS-wacky. This episode started with extensive and prolonged MS-wackiness and then a UTI. Baffling.