6 weeks in & my feelings are all over the place

Im 6 weeks into taking copaxone. This week i am plagued by a terrible cold & feeling like i can sleep forever today although made myself get out of bed even if struggle to get any housework done.
Having put my cold down to a symptom of ms i now realise that i have been through it this past few weeks.
When i first started i felt like i had more energy, felt positive & confident. The next week i was stressed about everything. This cold since is taking everything i have to remain positive with such a banging headache included.
Is it 6 months of symptoms i have to partake in or could it be earlier?

I think you should be asking your MS team this question hun. I have no idea. colds are usually down to virus. Have you been tested for Covid for example?

I would chat to your MS team or doctor.