2nd relapse in 6 months. concerned

Hi. I am currently having a relapse its my second in 6 months. I don’t want to sound thick but I didn’t think relapses games so quickly? I was finally diagnosed with rrms last October after being told for 3 years I possibly had ms. I was on tecdifera but it made me ill so i have been on AUBAGIO for 6 weeks. Ms nurse said my ms is more aggressive than originally thought. That statement concerned me. I’m on oral steroids for the relapse to keep me at home but last time I had them my heart rate went really low. Has anyone else had this? How often can you have relpases?


I also have an aggressive ms, its a b**tard. I had steroids a month ago, but feel I’ve fallen straight back into relapse after a couple of weeks relief.

My ms nurse said if its within 30 days of the last relapse (feeling okay with ‘normal’ symptoms) its classed as the same, original relapse…argh! What do you do when you’ve already taken a course of steroids?

Not sure whether that helps answer your question, but I have had 3/4 relapses in the last 12 months. Rubbish. Or does that mean I’m progressive as I never fully recover to how I was prior to the relapse?

Diagnosed as RRMS but its not acute like others.



Thank you for your reply.

. I don’t know what to think. I am on my last day of steroids and wondering when I will start to feel better. My eyes are funny now I’m struggling to see now. I just want to get better. How long after starting steroids did you start to feel better? X


I had an immediate (day 2 of steroids) effect of having more energy/less fatigue and brain fog…though my vision and other rubbish symptoms only started to improve the week following the steroids.

To be honest they continued to improve until about a week ago, which saw the return of my poor vision, weak arm and crap walking.

Steroids don’t always work but give it a little more time…

Hope you start to feel better soon


Sorry your so poorly hun, but steroids, can work for a long time after you stop taking them, and they dont fix everything sadly. My husband is a long term user of them, and I notice he seems to get better after he finishes them.

Sounds like you had a relapse but it wasnt fully resolved. Try not to push yourself when your in this phase and just go with it dont fight it, if that makes sense.

Have you been checked too for a UTI? I get them and they can creep up on me like one did at the weekend, and I thought why cant i feel my left leg, it was just not really there, then in the morning the burning pee started so i checked my urine with a dip stick and it was high with lucocytes, so i sent a sample to my surgery and it was an infection so she put me on antibiotics.

Sometimes a relapse can mask other things. xxx