2 year health problems, any need for MRI contrast ?

I had my MRI today for undiagnosed health issues that I have had since September 2015. ENT ordered an inner ear test and brain, I am not sure MS was on his watch list but it has been on mine. Anyway, he asked for contrast but the radiologist told me it would only be used if they see anything that needs a closer look. I am worried I changed their mind as the first nurse told me it was with contrast, and I said I am very concerned about having it and only want it if really needed. However they told me they would have done it without anyway regardless of what I said, even though my specialist asked for it with. So hopefully it wasn’t due to my concerns.

So my query is, I am 2 years in to health issues, if I had MS would at least some lesions show up by now without contrast ? On an average I mean ?

Thanks for any advice.


I think you need to ask this question of your neurologist. So when you see him/her you will find out if there was anything which showed up on the MRI. If the answer is no, then you could ask if the result might have been different with contrast.

If the neurologist thinks it’s of value, then they may do a lumbar puncture. But you can’t insist on one. Either it will not be needed or it will be done. Certainly you can request it, but the absence of lesions is generally seen as a person not having MS. Depending on your symptoms and neurological examination, the neurologist might want to repeat the MRI in a few months. They could also have other suggestions as to what is causing your symptoms.