2 +2 =?

Hi there, firstly, apologies for this as I know seeking info online isn’t the ideal, going to GP is. I am reluctant to do that in the first instance as I simply fear wasting their time (their time is precious because the demand is so high!) and I am well aware I could be making 5 in my maths sum title!

I am simply looking for any advice people may have based on your experience and if this is anything I should be concerned about. I dont plan to go to the Drs quite yet unless its clear I should. A few things are causing me slight concern. Firslty, (and I thought completely unrelated!) I began suddenly having migraines (aura) about 3 years ago. I have no history of them and they are not massivly frequent (every few months or so) and I can generally (but not always) control the symptoms with paracetamol and get on with the day. I have not worried about them too much, though I know it probably is something I should have got checked out.

On Sunday evening coming back from church, I got out the car heading into the house and suddenly my legs felt quite weak. I didnt feel I was going to collapse or in any danger of that but they were shaking and I felt they had lost a lot of strength. I felt heavier and it was just rather odd…almost like I had been lifting lots of heavy things and had that weakness and shake after a lot of exertion, except there had been no exertion on the day other than standing for fairly long periods (I do that every week without this). This carried into Monday with the feeling of weakness still there, managing to walk fine in the regular short distances I do but the stairs were a fair challenge. Again no danger I couldn’t manage them but well aware they were causing me more of a challenge. There was also a fair dully pain in my legs and the odd more stabbing/cramping pain. Today this seems to have largly lifted and I feel more like myself again. Of course on Sunday I made the mistake of googling weakness in both legs and you can guess what the first potential concern was - hence my 2+2=?

I am aware symptoms are diverse! Thanks for any advice/experience.

Hello Will

As you’ve said, symptoms of MS (and many other diagnoses) are diverse. So looking online (adding 2+2) and even asking us, isn’t really going to give you a straightforward definitive answer.

From my experience, and having been active on this forum for a long time (so I’ve read a lot of other experiences), I think initial symptoms of MS would last longer than a few days. My own began with a numb finger and I remember asking an ex nurse at my place of work whether I should be worried! (it was the days before Google.) Within a few days that spread into my legs and lasted weeks, getting a bit worse all the time, until I saw a neurologist, had a load or tests, some high dose steroids and waited a couple more months for the symptoms to mostly vanish.

That doesn’t mean that everyone’s first symptoms always last months, but generally I would expect more than a few days.

In your situation, I would wait and see if you get a repeat of these symptoms, or anything else that could either be connected, or you could ascribe to a neurological cause. And at that point, see your GP and discuss whether you should be referred to a neurologist.

I hope this helps. Chances are others will also give you an opinion. So you may find others think going to see your GP now is a better plan.


Thanks Sue that’s kinda what I was thinking too, re waiting and seeing if anything further takes place. I have done a small amount of reading about symptoms and I don’t think I have experienced too many of them. The weakness of my legs was the worry, whilst I still don’t feel like they are at full strength quite yet, I can manage the stairs now with no real issue, tired at the top but it’s not a struggle.

The other issue that concerns me is that by reading symptoms there is that tendency to then symptom match! By that I mean for a while I have pain in my toes (muscular but not substantial) but I think that is from often driving.

Thanks for sharing your experience, much appreciated. I think waiting to see is the right idea, time will clarify things

Symptom matching is exactly the danger. Many people who come on here check their symptoms, read the words multiple sclerosis and then match other things to ‘common’ symptoms. The trouble is that MS could be called a ‘snowflake’ disease. Or the diagnosis that has thousands of varieties. We all experience our MS differently.

So if you have symptoms that seem to indicate a neurological basis, a neurologist would not be checking your symptoms against a given diagnosis. S/he would be looking at you as a person, checking your symptoms, history and physical examination and then seeing what, if anything was suggested by these factors.

You are doing the right thing by watching and waiting. The only thing I would suggest is that you keep some notes of what happened to you and the dates. That way, if you did get a repeat, or anything else happen, you can read back the history and have that to refer to if/when you see a doctor.