1st thing to do when Told you have MS ?

What are the 1st things to do ?, or who to contact , when you find out you have MS ?

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I think the first thing is to give yourself a little time to get used to the idea you have MS. You’ve probably been through a long period of testing, repeat testing, worrying and wondering just what the heck is going to happen next. Even if you were expecting it, it’ll have come as a bit of a shock.

On the practical front, you probably need to tell one or two people, like your employer for example, but don’t be in a rush to disclose your diagnosis to all and sundry; just tell 'em when you’re ready.

If you have an MS nurse, talk to him or her; they don’t only deal with symptoms and meds, you can ask them just about anything.

Take it steady,


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Hi there,
I am sorry to disagree Ben but you don’t have to tell your employer. I didn’t. If you do want to tell your employer this can have advantages as they should provide you with Reasonable adjustments.

If you drive you do have to tell DVLA. Not saying you can’t drive but neuro will have to fill out form to say that you can and you will get a 3 year or it could be 5 year licence.

Good luck
Min xx

If you drive, you need to tell the DVLA and your insurers. That’s about it, really. Everything/everyone else depends on you and your circs.

I would share it with the people I’m closest to, particularly if they’ve been beside me every step of the way. As far as telling others, that’s entirely up to you. I don’t generally share it unless I’m visibly having problems and someone asks if I’m okay.

I wouldn’t tell anything to an employer unless you’re at the point of needing adjustments for your job.


You are right that we don’t have to tell our employers but, as you point out, in some cases there could be benfits.

I had completely forgotten about the DVLA, and that one is a legal obligation.

I stand corrected.