1st neuro appointment since diagnosis

Hi, Next week I have my 1st neuro appointment since being diagnosed. Not sure what to expect. Overall I’m much the same since this all first started 2 years ago but without the hug now. Different things come and go but my hands hurt always. I take pregabalin and also amitriptlyne. The amitriptyline makes me so hungover that I only take it when I know I have a clear day the next day. Told my dr this who then doubled the dose! I’ve had the feeling of warm water being tipped down my leg, initially I thought my sisters dog had weed on me! That lasted for. A couple of weeks. Vertigo for a few days. Foot ache since april but I don’t know if these could be called relapses and wether I should ask about dmd? I can still manage but struggle with anything involving my hands and my legs don’t always want to go up stairs and I have to pull my leg up. What do I ask about?

Hi Tonka,

My tip is to write down every new symptom with dates they come and go - I have a little black book. Also write down appointments etc just to keep a record.

The neuro will probably ask you your symptoms - having them written down makes sure you won’t forget any!

Ask about vitamin D and anything else they may find helpful. - If you’ve got problems with youe legs ask to be referred to a physio, it could help.

Good luck,

Jen x

Hi Tonka.

Depending on the type of MS you have, will determine what drugs you may be put on.

Were you told which type you have?

When i see a neuro, I always type out a list of current meds and a list of current symptoms.

Then I do a list of questions and kind of marry the last 2 together.

I always take someone with me, as a second pair of ears, incase I mishear or forget anything that is said.

Hope it goes well.

luv Pollx