18 weeks

To see a neuro. My doc thought they had 2 week waiting. I had a long telephone wait to speak to a woman who could barely speak English to tell me actually it will almost be Xmas before a consultation.

i must have paid hundreds of thousands in tax, literally this year already must have funded at least 5k to the nhs, and it’s an 18 week wait. We marvel at our fantastic nhs, but At 33 years old, the first time I’ve needed help and it’s like the Soviet Union - get in the 15 mile queue.

Im im currently considering starting A family…just put all that on hold eh nhs while I wait for you to be bothered to give me a once over. You can talk about funding but having worked with nhs professionals finances in my job for 10 years, I know where a lot of this money is going- holiday homes, early retirements you name it.

over 4 months to even begin any assessment for the lifetime of support I’ve given the service. A complete joke.

what if it’s not ms but a brain tumour or something? So I wait these 4 months and they’ll give me urgent help once I’m falling over in convulsions and too late to do anything.

i uses to believe in nhs but this type of care is utterly pathetic and not deserving of a 1st world country.

perhsps I’ll save them the bother and go private so they can keep my tax in its entirety for their vast salaries and the odd appointment for poor folks. Absolutely fuming, how many people have died or got complications waiting for these appointments?

Seriously, as my symptoms rack up by the day, I don’t know how on earth I’ll make 4 months of limbo without quitting my job, breaking up with the girlfriend or doing something stupid, how can you plan, enjoy even a single moment. I’m cancelling my holiday, basically I can manage nothing while this is going on, this is horrendous and I have a target to hit, a relationship to manage and I have to pretend like the potential brick wall I’m running into isn’t there…if I could cry I would! I just feel a numb rage and basically don’t want anything to do with anything until this matter is resolved…can’t tell a soul as my gf would prob dump me, don’t want to worry my family, got nobody. Sorry to vent but I’m mad to the extreme. Not sure how much private is, my gp said thousands for MRI but it’s almost worth it to avoid four blooming months of anxiety.

Hi Dizza im sorry you are going through all this being in limbo and feeling unwell is terrible.My gp referred to a neurologist in april and i have just got my appointment august 3rd.My symtoms have worsened since April cannot work i understand you completley i kept going to my gp she wrote a letter to the neurologsts letter explaining my symptons have worsened i now having bowel problems and can hardly walk.Idont know if this helped but my wait was 12 weeks.All i can say is try not to get stressed (easier said than done) i noticed stressing made everything worse and also confiding in somone helped me.Hope you get sorted soon best wishes.

hey I waited 15 weeks. I ended up going private. If you want reassurance and can afford it do that. Well worth the money.If you fear a brain tumour , truly or something really sinister then tell gp. gd luck.

p.s I paid 280 for 45 mins app private. He was good and it was better than nhs by far. I am having scans on nhs.

Guys I am lucky as my symptoms are not really affecting me other than stress, overactive bladder has got better just came off meds as I was having zero urge to move Bowell. Now I am off med my oab is better but I literally never have urge to move Bowell, went 3 days and just had to sit there and let it drop - sorry to gross out but it seems suspect as nerve related, plus I am twitching all over, calves, arms, nothing moves just like ants…just one prob after another passed all doc tests like walking, touching face, no other classic signs but after worrying about ms my gp said “we need to check you out to rule out ms” and I have been in state of panic since then.

feel sorry for you with far worse symptoms having to wait that must be awful you have my sympathy, or empathy! Can’t remember which is which!

can I ask, does neuro apt actually do anything? I thought it would be glorified gp appointment talking re symptoms then refer to MRI for the real test…also, can private neuro refer for nhs MRI ? So you just pay for private neuro then get nhs MRI saving costs? Wouldn’t that be perfect solution, jump the queue somewhat?

thanks for your replies.

Thats why my gp reffered me to rule out ms i also get twitches and muscle spasms electric shock feeling in neck weird feeling of water running down my legs and scalp sorry long list lol.I have never gone private but after reading what highandlow put you can do both.Really hope you get sorted very soon keep us updated.

I was also lucky as my GP suspected a problem and asked for the scans before he sent in a referral letter. The scans were marked as urgent neurology consult recommended, so was seen within two weeks instead of having to wait 13 weeks for an apt.