Working tax credit

Does anybody know if you can still be eligible for working tax credits even if you are not in receipt of DLA?

My advisor at Job Centre Plus seems to think that because I have MS and lots of documentation to evidence it that I would, but as far as I can tell from directgov you only get it if you’re on a very low wage or in receipt of DLA.

Hi ya

There’s a tool on the HMRC website which you can use to check whether you qualify for Working Tax Credit. When it asks about disability if you click on it (it’s highlighted) it then opens up another box which lists the criteria they follow. I hope this helps.

Debbie xx


There is also a pdf that you can download that details the fairly strict criteria that they use to determine disability.

It is on this page:

I only skimmed this document but it seems to me that if you meet this criteria then you would be eligable for DLA.

I would be wary of assuming that an MS dx is enough. As with all DWP criteria it’s not the condition but how it affects you.

Lots of people have well documented MS but would not describe themselves as disabled.

However, have a read of the pdf and see what you think.