Wise words - possibly?

It’s 15 years since I was diagnosed. I was 49 years old and it was a complete shock, although with hindsight I’d had symptoms for years. I’ve deteriorated steadily, but I’m lucky, I feel well and I’m not in pain. When I was newly diagnosed and fearing the future, terrified as to what it might hold, I was given some advice, which helped a lot. I thought I’d share it.

  1. Try not to worry too much about what might happen - it might not.
  2. Don’t put your life on hold.
    It helped me, maybe it’ll help some of you too.
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completely agree, I personally do not have enough spare energy to worry about the “what if ?”
Too busy getting on with the day to day and planning future adventures.

(I might have a slightly different view if I had dependents)