Windows speech recognition?

Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of the voice recognition / dictation software on Windows 10? Is it better, worse, or on a par with Dragon? Thanks in advance

In my experience both are inferior to the free one with free Google docs you need to use Chrome browser. Google docs is like Word and you will quickly be able to get used to it. Google docs works with Edge or I nternet Explorer but the microphone button in tools is only available with chrome. With good microphone the accuracy is very good.

I need to use it for uni so have to have things in word. Thanks for your answer however there are reasons I have to use Microsoft programs so would hugely appreciate an answer to my question. Thank you anyway.

Both sons always used google docs at Uni, one just finished, textther still got 2 years. They both got free Office 365 but preferred Google Docs once they adapted. Google docs are exportable as word docs in seconds at any time.Other important advantages, you never loose your document, it is continually saved to the cloud (just say your are working on an assignment and your computer crashes, also pretty much endless levels of undo, and you can access your document from anywhere if a computer connects to the internet, although you can now do that with MS Office 365. Suite of other apps as with office, e.g spreadsheets very similar.

Very interesting replies here Bob on your Google Docs knowledge. I have given Windows 10 and now Google Docs try but once you’re up and running with Dragon NaturallySpeaking it becomes very intuitive and I believe it is still the market leader - especially version 15 individual which works straight out-of-the-box.

Each to their own of course but you have made me curious enough to have a play with Google Docs for comparison and of course yours are free.