why cant a neuros there job right

I am blessed i have had some of the best consultants who take care of my epilepsy and vision huddersfield but when it comes to ms then i might as well go to asda and buy a diagnose it yourself kit. After i went recently to a ms consultant he said no lesions no ms due to the mc donald criteria, however looking at you today and examing you and reading your notes i do agree two things you have rare auto immune disease which is attacking itself that being the body and as for what is minic ms haven’t got a clue although it is progressive. I have been to my eye consultant in huddersfield who is now considering referring me to there ms consultant as my vision is in ruins and there in a major battle to save it iam devastated i have disease which is wrecking my muscles and tissues and brain but they don’t know what, why is it when ms is suspected they expect you to have such a list before treatment as anyone else had the same problem. I have two kiddies and thought of my vision going i have decided to have surgery to save it iam truly terrified we have a major meet next week with the executives from the departments involved with my care as i have launched a legal complaint i lost everything on that diagnosis of ms career ,pension the lot


Hi Haze x so sorry you are stuck in the middle of all this confusion!

Sometimes - well a lot of times (!!!) neurological problems are not easy to pin down. Sometimes the picture is clear - everything fits and people are diagnosed and treated very quickly.

Unfortunately a lot of the time some symptoms fit but others don’t - test results come back confirming some things but not others xx

My doc described me as ‘complicated’ - for example my symptoms and neurological examinations fit MS - but the first brain scan came back showing lesions - but not in the right place!! - it also showed a significantly enlarged pituitary gland that has totally thrown other possibilities into the mix!!

Now they are going to do another brain scan this time with contrast and neck & thoracic MRI & an LP. I’m also seeing an endocrinologist next week about the Pituitary Gland

It’s a long haul - I really hope they get to the bottom of this for you and get you some effective treatment x - it’s horrible being ill and not knowing what is wrong