Who watches Pointless?

I love that show. Even though they’re showing repeats right now, I still love it. It’s friendly and nice and funny… and I occasionally get a pointless answer. Obscure information is right up my street.

I follow Richard Osman on Twitter and there are loads of new episodes coming up!

(ok I know it’s not the most exciting post in the world, but when you’re stuck at home these little things mean a lot eh?)

Pat x

Hi pat, I watch it, + I love when the contestants are strange:() Julsiexx

I do like Pointless, I’m a complete sucker for quiz shows, especially if I can add to the current lump of trivia that inhabits my head - I watch University Challenge too even though I often don’t even understand the questions let alone the answers. I’ve just applied to be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - might as well see if this “useless information” can make me some money :slight_smile: x

I also like Pointless, I prefer the questions when the contestants have to think of the answers, not choose from lists.

I also really enjoy the Chase especially when the final person takes a minus amount just so they can get through - the faces of the rest of the team are so funny

The worst game show ever!

I like ‘Eggheads’ - Daphne is absoloutely amazing.

Liked the final part of Goldenballs when contestants decide to split the money or not.

I have the Pointless Trophy in my Living room.

My friends hubby was on it with his brother and won it. Sadly, not the money. We played the board game with him and my husband and I beat him! So he gave us the trophy!!! I will give it back one day but not until I’ve shown it to everyone I know! The funniest I saw was the one where most didn’t know who Robert Redford was so couldn’t name any of his movies!!

Thanks for replies. I like University Challenge, The Chaser (although have to watch it on ITV1+1 as conflicts with Pointless), but recently been missing that and watching Eggheads instead.

I think what I like about Pointless is the easy-going relationship between Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, and the way they are so nice to everyone even when people give really stupid answers. They never make people look like fools.

Pat x (my face when watching University Challenge… lol…)