Which DMD should I choose


I am new to this forum and I was looking for some advice on DMD’s, I have RRMS and I have been offered a choice of




does anyone have any experience of these

thank you

my first DMD was copaxone.

i had bad lipotrophy on my arm so my ms nurse switched me to tecfidera.

it took a while before i stopped being sick with it.

apparently we, in the uk, take the high dose too soon.

therefore if you choose tecfidera ask if you can be given extra of the low dose.

then you can increase it much more gradually.

Hello Ellie

Apparently, Tecfidera works best when it is the first DMD a person has used. This is where I got that info from: Multiple Sclerosis Research: #NeuroSpeak: DMF as a second-line agent or not

The Barts Blog is generally accepted as being expert opinions from some of the best MS specialists. It can be a bit ‘techie’ but not always.

Usually when people ask about DMDs, I suggest they look at This decision aid allows you to directly compare the DMDs you are considering.

You need to think about your lifestyle and what fits best into it, how effective the drug is, and what the potential side effects might be.

But whatever you opt for, if you find in the end that it doesn’t suit you, you will be able to swap to another drug.

Best of luck.


Hi Ellie,

i started off on the old injectable Rebif. Then jumped at the chance of a tablet - Tecfidera- no more injections. Yes started off on a low dose and gradually built up. A few side effects of nausea and facial flushing - I found totally manageable to overcome and didn’t last very long.


Min xx

I have just had lemtrada 5 weeks ago But had tried 3 other dmd before this