Wheelchair ?

What`s the best way to get a free new wheelchair. ( A push type, not powered).

It`s not a permanent situation but something to help out when needed

hiya ask your local red cross shop. ellie

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Get a referral to wheelchair services, it’s not a quick solution, but when they first gave me a chair, it was for part time outside use only. Your GP, physio, neurologist or OT would be able to refer you.


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Make the most of ‘NHS Personal wheelchair budgets’.

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too be honest i bought myself one off ebay Angel the company is it cost me 50.00 its very light weight and i can use it myself if i could. It goes easily into a car boot. Best thing i bought myself. They are still that price.

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The benefit of having an NHS Wheelchair Service assessment is the NHS paperwork it

will generate, which can be used as evidence of disability for ESA, PIP or a Council Tax discount.


PJday makes a very valid point. The downside is they will only offer you what they have got. And a little research goes a long way. Are you self propelling? Is someone pushing? and is that person physically strong? Do they weigh less than you (the person they would be pushing? Are you likely to be on pavements? Or just around shops?

All questions you will need to figure out. As a starting point, use your local Shopmobility scheme and you’ll soon realise its not a one size fits all answer.

BTW don’t know where you are but in April 2018 NAIDEX comes to NEC Bham. Worth a trip to see what available. Entrance is free.

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Ask your MS nurse to refer you to wheelchair services. You get an appointment then they measure you and tailor a chair to fit what you want to use it for. I got one when I only needed to use it on and off. Took me a while to get used to being seen in it.

I got rubberised wheel pushes (metal circles you move the chair with) as my grip not too good.

Half arm rests so I can get right up to a table.

Best accessory I bought is a cup/mug holder. Can’t go to a party and push yourself when holding a glass of wine!

Also spoke guards as I kept getting my fingers trapped in the spokes, ouch.

PJ day made good point , it all adds to your MS file.

Reddivine ,

NAIDEX sounds really interesting. Shame it’s Wed 25th/ Thurs 26th April midweek. Otherwise I might have gone.


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For me to have one would have been about a six month waiting list, i decided i would buy my own as it was easier lol.

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Got one through Ebay and it`s perfect in every way. Been delivered very quickly.

CBA going through all the red tape and incessant delays and assessments. Bad enough with the stairlift.

Ive now got it and using it. Its Christmas all over again.

One Happy Bunny.

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Well done, enjoy your new wheels.

There’s a whole new world out there to explore now!


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