Wheelchair user Edema discomfort

Hi, My MS was diagnosed in 1975 when I was 24. Now a full time wheelchair user. Lower limb spacticity weakness all that stuff. For years I have suffered ( if that’s the right word ) with swollen ankles (edema) but am guilty of neglecting this, as my strategy is, as far as possible, to pretend I do not have the condition. However, recent months the swelling around my ankles has increased significantly to a point where by mid afternoon its very uncomfortable. Am aware that elevating my legs would be a good idea but they don’t cooperate with me and I have never discovered a way to achieve this.

A friend suggested I could try using a lymphatic edema pump. Question- does anyone on this forum have any detail /advice on this?

Unfortunately I live about 7500 miles from the NHS so getting any sensible advice difficult.

If any of you guys can offer some I should be most grateful.


Joe B .


you may find something useful in this recent thread…

i get lymphatic drainage every 3 months-by a person not a machine.


Dear Ellie

Thanks very much your reply.

Joe B