? What will I do now

Hi All,

I am just wondering can anyone give me advice on what to do. I had a couple of mri’s and the one on th ebrain show a small dot nothing to woory about and a change of contour in my spine. I got a letter saying I might have a archoid cyst benign so they offered me a mri with dye.I got my letter back today which states I have a rare herniated spine of no known cause and that this is not the cause of my symptoms.I have been unwell for years.

What do I do now?

Thanks in advance


Sorry Dee, but I think you have to go back to your GP and ask who else you should see. You don’t say what your symptoms are, but if they are MS-like, you should probably be considering metabolic disorders or genetic disorders or neuromuscular disorders. Maybe rheumatology too?

We like to think that we know loads about medicine, but the truth is that we have only scratched the surface :frowning:

There are quite a few people on this forum who have been searching for a diagnosis for many years. I hope you are luckier, and get some answers soon.

Karen x