What percentage of ms people need care?

I’m really worrying about my future and later life. What sort of percentage end up needing care and end up in care homes? I feel sorry for myself and my boyfriend if I end up this way. I want to tell him to run away from it all, I want to as well.

Hi Anonymous Im quoting here from the answer from Rizzo to a similar question asked a few months ago. No idea, but it’s not high if you are thinking about round the clock care. When you consider that about 15% of people end up using a wheelchair 24/7, but that many of them are still quite independent, the figure must be quite a bit less than 10% I would think. And that wouldn’t tend to happen all of a sudden - most MSers live quite normal life spans. Also, DMDs are getting better and better and research into DMDs for progressive MS has increased massively so the percentage is getting smaller as time goes on. I hope this helps. I would say that worrying about the future, although entirely natural, helps no-one as the future treatment of MS will be very different to what it is today. And add to that the unpredictable nature of the disease - some people experience symptoms only one or two times and sometimes the disease plateaus. Others find long term relief with medication. Your boyfriend is with you because of who you are and there’s no need to let ms change who you are. Best Wishes Jane xx

To add to Jane’s reply, statistics cannot tell you anything about your own personal future, anyway.

Even if the figure was 80% (I’m positive it’s nothing like that, but for the sake of illustration…) it wouldn’t mean you would NOT be in the lucky 20%. So be wary of treating statistics as a prediction. They only work on large numbers - they cannot tell you what will happen to an individual. And I think that’s quite a blessing, in a way. If a statistic meant your fate was sealed, I think it would be very hard to remain optimistic.



Hello there!

I can understand your fears…been there, done that myself…and still doing it!

That`s the point to remember…I do need lots of care and help.

BUT I am STILL here and intent of finding things I enjoy, loving my family and enjoying their love for me.

Okay, I dont have MS, but I do have a similarly debilitating condition.

No-one…repeat NO-ONE can know how their journey will pan out.

I hope you can turn this negative energy into enjoying life, with your fella beside you. If he does runaway and leave you, knowing you didnt make your life all about what may or may not happen, will allow you to move on.

Its hard to be rational, I know hun, but we cant let this pig` grind us down.

luv Pollx