What Is Your MS Nurse Like

i everyone

just trying to find out thoughts regarding

the difference in a good MS nurse and a not so good nurse

and can you change your nurse



Hi Paddy

Mine is great. She is an ex bowel and bladder nurse who took on the role after my previous nurse sadly died. So I already knew her quite well.

Within weeks it seemed, she was pretty much up to speed and has only improved as her experience grows. She actually has a roster of 500 patients, although I’m sure that’s the number of people eligible for her services, many people manage to do without a nurse. Regardless, she has a huge number of people to see and help, yet manages to give each person enough time and support.

I don’t know if it’s possible to change, I should think it depends on the area you live in. I assume from the way you’ve posed that question you are unhappy with your MS nurse?


Really good. I am at Southampton General Hospital where we have access to a team of excellent MS nurses.


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You can delete the duplicates, I just looked at this thread thinking loads of people had said what their nurse was like!


Do not do anything for me, unfortunately. We have have a week waiting time to book a telephone appointment - never mind trying to see them (months or years). Even then I do not get to speak to them but another type of neurological nurse.

Still I have family. Yay!

Take care,


What MS nurse would that be? Might be nice to have one!