What factors for treatment ?

Hi all I have just been diagnosed with relapsing/remitting ms and will be meeting again next week to discuss and start treatment. What were the factors you considered when Choosing medication and any advice on choosing. Options seem to be 4 front line drugs. How did taking these affect your lifestyle, side affects , ease of use etc Any and all views appreciated Thanks

Hi Colum,

Sorry to hear about your Dx. I’m not on DMDs myself, but try the MSDecsions website (just Google!)

The reason you’re give a choice is that they’re all much-of-a-muchness in terms of effectiveness, so there’s (usually!) no reason to recommend one strongly over another.

MSDecisions will help you evaluate which factors are most important for you, as your ideal choice may be quite different to what somebody else would pick. All of them have users who swear by them, but others who didn’t like them so much, so it’s not “one size fits all”.

Hope the website helps.



Thank you tina . Neuro said it was a try and see process to find the ‘right one’ so i will check out ms decisions

I used that site Colum and weighed up the side effects of each and the effect on daily lifestyle in terms of injection number etc. I started on Avonex 4 weeks ago.