What can I expect from MS nurse


I have recently been diagnosed with CIS and fully believe an MS diagnosis will follow in the next few months (scans and neuro suggest this). I have been given an appt to see an MS nurse on 20th Nov. This surprised me a little as I wasn’t expecting it until MS confirmed. At the moment it feels like a constant round of tests and letters through the door, I even got a flu jab on Tuesday as i’m now entitled to one! Any thoughts on what to expect at nurse appt?

Thanks in advance x

hi alberito stop worrying because the ms specialist nurses are amazing. s/he will ask you questions and offer support. refer you on to a neuro physiotherapist and occupational therapist if needed. the OT can arrange for grab rails in your bath or shower, will ask how you cope or struggle in different rooms, will provide a perching stool so that you can prep food sitting down. nothing to fear at all from your appointment. just an extended team alberito!

My MS is fantastic. Yours will be a great support to you so use him/her as much as you can.

Thanks for the info guys. Feel like im in a whirlwind right now, but I expect things to settle down and I know you have all been there - you are all fab xx

My wife’s MS nurse is lovely. We had about 18 months of noticeable symptoms and about a year that when it had become fairly obvious that it was almost certainly MS before officially being diagnosed and it was an awful time for us.Shortly after she was finally diagnosed the nurse made a home visit to meet her(us).She was here a fair while and had a really good chat,aswell as having a look round at bathroom etc but i had already put in rails etc,she arranged a perching stool which arrived inside a week.She also arranged for my wife to see an OT,Ms physio,bladder nurse and an information/training session for her to consider her DMT choice. There is no magic wand that is suddenly going to make my wife less disabled but for us both from that first meeting it was a massive relief to finally feel there was support available.Its strange but i really can’t stress enough how much better both of us felt after this! Obviously they are very busy so don’t expect to get straight through to them,but my wife did reluctantly call up the other day left a message and Ms nurse had spoken to neurologist and got back to her a few hours later with advise,looks like a possible relapse! Maybe we are lucky that we get on well and have a good rapport with her Ms nurse,but really can’t fault her! Ollie