What Can I do until my neurologist appointment?

Hi guys,

Today I write this with tears kind of running down my eyes. Since June of 2022 I’ve experienced two new symptoms regarding my MS. I’ve been diagnosed since 31st Dec 2019.

I’ve spoke to my NHS nurse about my symptoms and all they seem to do is make a note of my symptoms until I see a neurologist in Dec. I can’t wait until that long, not only are the symptoms a pain in the butt (internal twitches and shooting pain down my leg) they’re giving me major anxiety. I cannot eat because I’m so worried about what’s happening inside of me.

What can I do in this scenario? Call a GP and try to get a quicker spot? Go to a&e (I did that with my two previous relapses in 2016/2018 btw at this point I didn’t have MS diagnosis.

TLDR: What can I do about my symptoms right now as I can’t wait until Dec 2022 for a neurologist.

Hi Sorry but might be able to help you, hopefully it might help a bit I have been having extreme tingling and pain for a few weeks and I started taking Vitamin B complex (lamberts) they are quite high dosage and it made amazing difference it more or less stopped the tingling and I got much less pain, hopefully you find something to help

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Aww thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated. I am feeling a little better now and probably just over worrying. It’s still here. Do you get those vitamin B from Holland and Barrett by any chance?

Hi Holland and Barrett supplements are low in strength I also buy from Lambert’s they are more expensive but good quality

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Ahh great thank you!

Unfortunately you are up against a creaking and backlogged NHS, which doesn’t help when you are relatively new to a MS diagnosis and experiencing new symptoms.

I understand the strain and stress that waiting for appointments can put you under. I have become a permanent curtain twitcher looking for envelopes to drop on the mat.

December does seem a long way off, perhaps you could ring and ask to be put on a cancellation list. Aside to that, continue to make a note of new and or changing symptoms.

Super, thanks for your response, much appreciated