Weird happenings

last night I bent down to get the bag out of my kitchen bin, but started spinning out of control, and only stopped when I got jammed in the corner against my worktop, has this happened t anyone else?
I’m on 1800mg Gabapentin 2x3 a day, 150mg Amitriptyline at night.

Hey Stuart !

This kind of thing happens to me quite frequently, and I take no medication at all. It’s very common for MS to affect balance etc. I now find that bending down causes dizziness and unsteadiness - sometimes it’s like being physically pushed off-balance.

It often causes falls which are more likely to cause bruises or marks since I’ve become weaker and heavier thanks to the reduced physical activity that MS has been responsible for

I tell people that I’ve been posessed by the spirit of Jack Douglas (…for those of us that remember him?!!), which usually makes us smile at least.

Have you experienced this kind of thing before? If not, it makes me wonder if it’s a side-effect of the medication?

If this has happened before, it may be worth talking to your MS Nurse about it ?

Best of luck with however you decide to proceed!


hi stuart

its happened to me, if i reach up or bend down i get very woozy

Dom - i love the jack douglas

carole x

Thanks, I am a bit unsteady usually, but this is the first time I’ve actually started spinning, I was like a spinning top and had no control at all, that made me a bit uneasy. I have the usual “drunk walk” and unsteadyness, but never spinning. The only new meds I’m on is a water tablet in the morning 20mg.

I started spining looking at my bedside clock a few months ago. I tried to stare at the celing light and it settled down. But itreoccured for a couple of nights. I take no medication at all but generally have balance problems. It’s possibly linked to processing of signals from the inner ear (balance sensors). It may be worth mentioning it to your MS Nurse.