Hello from a sunny Crowboough.

For me, the MS deal comes with an unreliable bladder, the uncontrollable anxiety when a toilet isn’t in sight and a direct correlation between liquid consumed and visits to the little room. This may explain my irritation at the way some people make such a ceremony out of drinking water in front of me. Of course, I know full well the benefits of adequate hydration but I still get irritated especially when I’m on a train enjoying a glass of wine. The wine is my treat for the whole choreography and logistics of planning and taking a long journey.

Steve, with a beer. (Mostly water!)


Hi Steve

Yes I agree about the plastic overuse, I even have a stainless steel straw!

I am one of those people who is always thirsty, but have a reusable container, but a lot of the thirst is down to the medication I take, although that is not used as an excuse. Considering the amount I drink it’s hard to believe I have so much trouble trying to pass water, another thing courtesy of blasted MS.

Hope you have a good week.

Pam x

Sorry missed this one Steve. I’m completely with you on this . I find when I’m out I will refuse drinks because I know I’ll need the loo. It’s awful on a long car journey I can feel really thirsty but darent drink or it would take forever to get there because we would have to keep stopping for the loo. The botox helped but I think it’s worn off now. My favourite drink at the moment is home made lemonade . They make it in the Queens head in Frodsham and I’ve bought my own lidded cup complete with a straw so I can buy some to go event time I’m out in Frodsham. Frazer still prefers water. Michelle and Frazer xx