Well just hung out some towels, coz they’re heavy and wet…and it’s started raining, and I haven’t goy the energy to get them back, so that’s life. Just one of the endless joys of effort v ‘what I should do’ that happen daily. Not a complaint just an observation.

hope all well in MS land xx

Yeah, wet washing is really heavy - something you don’t notice 'til you get ill - or old, I s’pose.

Just done my jeans - wet denim is heavy - but didn’t attempt to hang them out.

The forecast is for getting drier/brighter I think, so your towels might be fine where they are, and still dry by teatime. :wink:



Indeedy - I have one of those plastic hanging things you put on back of door, and usually hang a towel/pair of jeans on hanger on that, and they dry surprisingly well… But more than one and too heavy. Sure it will all be fine in the end. Are you well these days?

Thanks for asking, I’m so-so. Not as well as I used to be, but that’s the nature of a progressive disease, isn’t it? And even RRMS is progressive…

My five year anniversary of diagnosis is coming up, and still walking unaided - just not such ambitious distances lately. But still not minor, for somebody with MS. Just not the three and four miles I used to.

Hoping it’s just lack of practice, and I’ll be able to gradually extend the range again, but started making serious efforts again at the beginning of the month, and still not any advance on a mile. The pain barrier starts 100 yards from home, and persists for the whole distance.

So how I’ll ever get back up to 2+, or if I ever will, I don’t know. It’s mostly pain, rather than literal disability that is the limitation, so if I could get my pain under control, who knows how far I might be able to walk? But I never do seem to get it under control, and doctors haven’t been much help…



Mmmm, mine not so much pain, legs and feet just don’t work!! Keep practicing, even if you don’t get further, you will hopefully keep doing the shorter distances for longer. Your effort is not in vain x