Waiting to see neurologist following brain scan

Hi there,
Im in my early sixties and retired.I’m waiting to see neurologist following a brainMRI scan last week.Ive had a spine MRI (related to non hodgkins lymphoma,diagnosed last year)which detected some lesions in the thoracic and cervical region ,suggestive of demyelination.Ive had some unpleasant symptoms for 20 yrs. Numbness,tingling,balance and vertigo,altered sensation. I now have electric shock sensations down my left leg and chest tightness which led my visit to the doctors in 2022… 4 scans,a biopsy,colonoscopy,a diagnosis of lymphoma(thankfully im on active surveillance at the moment so no chemo yet)Referral to neuro who found some 'subtle deficits" needing investigation
I don’t know if I can cope with another 'chronic illness’Can they diagnose MS from just the scans and neuro exam?

It’s not unheard of but a lumbar puncture is usually done to back up the MRI.

Gosh luck.

I think it varies. In my case, yes it was done through an MRI and general symptoms

From my diagnosis they was able to diagnose me after 3 mri scans without the need for a lumbar puncture.

Thanks for responding.Trying to remain positive,not helped by health care professional at hospital scan asking how long I’d had MS?I felt quite shocked,although I know its a possible/likely diagnosis.Ill have to wait until i see the neurologist.