Waiting for results....

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I’m currently waiting for my MRI results and had been doing ok recently! Although recently things have been rearing their ugly heads again… Sounds really silly but when I give my husband a kiss I can’t close my eyes as I fall backwards I have had a recurring burning patch on my left cheek Difficulty in walking again Falls Walking into door frames And what I can only describe as ghost double vision I have had all the blood tests and lp (last year) They originally thought mg but then I tested negative And went on to develop numbness and tingling Really just wondering if anyone has been down this route or other possible outcomes as my MRI was 3 weeks ago so I suspect they haven’t found anything abnormal or I would have heard??? Many thanks

I’m afraid Easter holidays will have slowed up reports being done, but I think it’s safe to assume that your MRI didn’t show up anything urgent or someone would have been in touch. Other than that, I’m afraid it’s impossible to draw any conclusions from how long someone waits for results. You could try calling your neuro’s secretary and asking if the report is back and if he/she is willing to tell you what it says. If they won’t tell you (or it isn’t in yet), you could ask for a copy to be sent to you / your GP (when it arrives).

Karen x

Thank you Karen and will do. I’m clinging to the possibility that intermittent eye pain could be residual damage of Optic Neuropathy? Have you come across this? Is it possible do you know?

Lol :slight_smile: thanks for your reply Karen…waiting is hard!