Hi, Bought myself a Vitamix blender this week with my inheritance. I’ve always wanted one. First attempt - made my son an apple and raspberry smoothy. Didn’t put any liquid in so turned out too thick. Second attempt - made some soup but used too much onion and the result was uneatable. But, practice makes perfect, and it should make my life a lot easier in the kitchen. By some strange coincidence, they were selling them on QVC this lunchtime and the demo was brill. Anyone else got one? Heather

I have one and yes they are brilliant. I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast and if its too thick I just add a little water. Have also made soups, pestos, ice cream, nut milks and peanut butter. If you want a healthy lifestyle then the vitamix is definitely the way to go! They are pricey but totally worth it. Lisa x

I’m very jealous!! Would love a vitamix!!! I need one in my life!!

When I read about the vitamix I fancied getting one but changed my mind when I saw the price :(. But was in tesco yesterday and spotted an ‘activeblend’. It’s really dinky! It has 2 sports bottles with it. U put whatever you want in your smoothie into a bottle, screw the whizzy bit on, turn it upside down and fix to the blender unit. When you’ve whiz zed it you just put the sports cap on the bottle. It can’t do anywhere near what the vitamix can but it was only £22 :slight_smile: !