Vitamin d3

Hi. I have ppms and saw my ms nurse yesterday and she said I should start taking vitamin d3 one 1000iu tablet a day. What help will this give me and does anyone else take this and what help do they get from taking it ?

Any advice or help gratefully received.

Polly xx

I have a 80/90% chance of MS which i have been suffering with for over a year. I saw the neurologist yesterday who also advised to take vitamin d3 1000 units daily to help with the fatigue. I am still waiting a positive diagnosis so in limbo at the moment.

This is the Barts Blog view on vitamin d3.

i am on 4000UI daily. (As recommended by my neuro)

what it does for me i don’t know.

however my condition / symptoms have not declined since starting this and so whether this is a contributing factor or not, taking D3 certainly causes me no harm and i shall continue to do so.

i also get my skin under direct sunlight whenever possible (through glass doesn’t work, so no indoor sun bathing)

i also sunbathe my mushrooms whenever possible!!!

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I don’t honestly know how it does me good, but I was recommended the same thing by my MS nurse… and take 4,000 IU a day. If I forget it, I feel lousy all day!

Fracastorius (Jane)

Thanks Whammel, it was an interesting blog.

Polly x

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Hi, why have I only been told to take one 1000 a day when others are on 4000

Polly x

Have you had your levels checked to see if you are deficient in vitamin d3?

No, it was only because my ms nurse said I should start taking vit d. I am b12 deficient as I have to have injections every 12 weeks.

Polly x

Polly - read up all you can on Vitamin D3 deficiency- Also, Vit B12 deficiency - both connected to auto-immune diseases.

‘Could it be B12 - an Epidemic of Misdiagnosis’ - a must read.

And Jeff T Bowles book on Vitamin D3- Also look at Dr Coimbra’s youtube video on high dose vitd3. Also, it is important to take magnesium and vitK2 with D3.

l have my D3 levels checked every 6 months. CityAssay Labs B/ham. lt is a postal service -just a pin-prick test. 0121-507-4278. £28. Your level should be 150/225 nmols. l take 40,000ius daily - yes - 40,000 - and my level is 98 !!

l do not have a MS Nurse - and have only seen a neuro 4 times in 34yrs. So l find out all l can to keep myself as well as possible.

B12 - l take 5,000mcg daily. lts drops under the tongue. Get them from Amazon - where l also get my Healthy Origins vitd3 10.000ius.

You will find our nhs doctors/nurses are 50yrs behind the times.

Thanks for the information spacejacket will get reading.

Polly x

Obviously it’s something to discuss with your nurse, but I would have thought you need to establish how deficient you are before deciding on the correct amount. Perhaps that’s why a lower dose has been suggested?

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