Vitamin D strengths

Morning everyone,

I have been told I am very anaemic and also low on vitamin D. I was tested as I have had various symptoms over the last few weeks/months which I have had answers for in other posts. Thank you for those answers, it was these that led me to ask for blood tests. I’m not sure if these results would cause the twitching that i get but they have to be addressed and remedied anyway.

I am on prescription iron but over the counter Vitamin d. I had no guidance as to what strength though. You can get 400 I.U, 1000 I.U or 2000 I.U. I, of course am leaning towards the largest dose but have also heard that too much can have unwanted effects. Any advice is most welcome.

Everything else appeared normal but I have also read that magnesium levels don’t always show accurate in blood tests. Is this true and would it hurt to take a supplement anyway. I am on no other medications.

I am not diagnosed and am beginning to think / hope my diet, lifestyle and stress levels are my main problem so forgive me for still asking questions in this forum, I’m just trying eliminate all possible reasons.

I’m taking 4000 -5000 a day. It’s winter and not much sun here. According to studies you’d have to go higher than 10000 a day for any harm.

yes, please be careful as too much can be bad for you.

When I was diagnosed I was given a general take 1,000-2,000 iu daily of vit D3 but I didn’t have any bloods done… when I asked my gp if I could get a check, as I was having bloods for something else, mine was too high. So I talked to my MS nurse and she said to cut to 1,000 iu daily - that’s a normal ‘one a day’ type optimum dose as I recall. As you’ve said yours is low, then ask your medical team’s advice because people are on some wildly different protocols on here.

Sonia x