Vit supps


Do people use vitamin supplements or am I wasting my money? A Nutritionist from York laborotries introduced me to a company called Nutri-Link where I buy Bio D mulsion Forte, Bio Multi Plus Vitamins, Pro-Omega Fish Oil, Body Bio Balance (Omega 6, Omega 3) and Lactobacillus. Cost is around £170.00 every 6 weeks but I really dont know if they are beneficial. Any advise much appreciated. Thanks.


Sounds expensive to me. We do nearly all need VitB12 - if you google vitb12 deficiency ms or Dr Chandy’s vitb12 site - or ‘Could it be B12’ there is lots of info for people with ms. The best way of getting B12 levels up is by injections at your GP’s. Vitamin d3 is also very important - we need a level of 150/225 nmols. Vitd3 can be bought from Healthy Origins softgels 360 - 5.000ius or 10,000ius. through Amazon - works out about £15 per year.

Omega 3 or codliver oil capsules high concretrate can be got from Simply Supplements or Holland and Barrett usually on offer. Magnesium is another that can help with painful legs - but is also a laxative.

Acetyl l carnitine/ Alpha lipoic Acid is another combination that is recommended for us with ms. l usually just google them to get the best deal - usually end up through amazon. H&B also do Probiotic Acidophilus [high in lactobacillus] although natural greek yoghurt is high in probiotics. l do take a lot of supplements - lf l think something is going to help - then l take it. But l do shop online for best prices.


I take Calcium and Vitamin D tablets - my GP prescribed chewable ones but I don’t like taking chewable tablets, so I buy Calcium and Vitamin D tablets from Asda website. It’s thought some people with Multiple Sclerosis have Vitamin D deficiency.