Visual Evoked Potential Test

Had one of these today. Tester didnt give much away but I am curious as my experience was different for each eye, whereas I assume it was meant to appear the same for each eye. With my right eye I found the moving checkerboard pattern soon began to fade right out and it also became very hard to even see the yellow centre dot. With my left eye there was no fading or loss of contrast between the black and white squares at all and the yellow dot also remained at a constant colour saturation. I dont know if the board actually did fade out on the screen or if this was just how my eye percieved it, and if so, why, and the tester avoided answering my query.

Also with my left leg (the one that has been giving way) she had trouble trying to get my little toe twitching and had to turn up the dial high to get a response before starting the test.

Anybody know about these tests?

dont realy no a lot about this Evoked Potential Test but i can give this link with info about it

good lack