Very worried

Hello everyone

I was just wondering if anyone knows about PIP?

I read on this website that the people who judge you for ESA are doing the same with this and this rings allarm bells for me… as I have had major problems with those people since my ESA and having to appeal :frowning:

Are they going to make PIP controbution based? What I mean is with DLA you are able to have a job if you can and does not go by your partners Wage’s…

I am getting married in May next year does this make things harder? We do live together and they treat us like a married couple anyway.

However I am just wondering if it will make things even harder for me? :frowning: we have been together for over 10 years now and I have always wanted to do it but this has always been a burning question…

The directgov site has more details, but to answer your questions, PIP will remain non means tested, so you can work and still claim, or have a huge income and still claim.

ATOS have been awarded the contract to manage PIP, all exsisting claiments will be re-asessed so you may as well claim, I’ve got an indeffinate award of DLA, but I’ll have to claim PIP too. There is a ’ myth buster ’ pdf on the government site that is very useful, although bear in mind this is what they say they will do, experience is telling us what this government says and what they do are two very different things.

It’s worth putting in a claim, but get help with the forms,the CAB,DIAL, or Benefits and Work are all good at helping.Good luck.

I have been on DLA since 2005 and am on High rate mobility (indefinite) and Care middle rate (indefinite).