Morning all! Hope we are all enjoying this lovely Tuesday morning! Just a quickie has anyone got any advice for dealing with Vertigo? I have been suffering for about 3 months with it now. GP said there is nothing that can be done and it ISNT related to my MS…I dont really believe that. I feel fine in every sense but my vision - its blurry, after I turn my head my eyes take a minute to readjust (feels like being on a roundabout) random double vision is creeping in now. I did originally think maybe ON - the only other time I have had that my vision has been fine its just been painful. This is the complete opposite! Luckily I have an opticians appt this arbo so I am going to ask her if its ON…I cant read my books, telly is a no no as for some reason thats when the double vision is worst. I am just about muddling through at work (feel like I have my monitor at the end of my nose its that close) Its just doing my head in now to be honest! Any advice will be most welcome! Thank you muchly Hx