Vagus nerve involvement in MS

Has anyone ever looked into vagus nerve involvement with MS? (the vagus nerve runs from the head, down the body past the heart and stomach).

I have had weird stomach issues twice now in the last year; I have had reflux for years (pre MS), and have taken lansoprazole for it with no bother. But when I have these flare ups, I cannot eat anything without feeling nauseous, feel permanently bloated with a block of stone in my central chest beneath my sternum, extreme constipation, foul wind and a foul taste in my mouth. This has lasted for a couple of weeks, then just stopped. Like whatever was being irritated, stopped being irritated. It makes me wonder if it’s not a digestion problem but a nerve problem. I have made no changes to diet/exercise/medication - nothing to indicate a reason.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Hi Sarah,

I can’t answer your question but I did wonder the same thing last year. Nausea, dizzyness, extreme constipation (never had it before) and pressure up under my ribs (was worried it was due to the constipation but nothing on xray). I’d had my first course of steroids the week before so wasn’t sure if the two were related or if maybe because I was badly constipated, whether it was pressing on the nerve.

It did go eventually although I still have some bowel and occasional dizzyness issues now.

Mags xx

Hi , could it be a hiatus hernia by any chance?

I could be well off the mark here, but just wondering with you saying it feels like a hard block of stone underneath your sternum.

luv Pollx

I had those Vagus Nerve symptoms. I had palpitations, smothery feelings and it felt like my ribcage and stomach was expanding. I couldn’t do much. I was miserable. Most people with MS are either constipated or have loose stools. And I don’t know about others but they can suddenly switch with the affect of the Vagus Nerve. Before that I had months of migraines. My left arm would feel crushing pain when I woke up. If I raised it over my head it would get better sooner. Although fighting my weight for most of my life, I suddenly lost weight. It can also slow your heartbeat and drop your blood pressure. For my constipation I take a Docusate sodium + a fiber capsule 3 times per day. But one day I had diarhea. One article said it was rare, but I found a blog and several people on it, experienced it with MS. Also on the wall of one of my Neurologists, he had a big drawing of the Vagus Nerve and how it travels the whole motility route. You can also have chest pain. You might not be able to tell so you should always check out chest pain that does go away with your doctor. A few also have trouble feeling when they have to urinate or have their bowel movement or and do feel stomach distress. Vomiting undigested food is a sign of Gastroparesis and could happen sometime because it slows down the digestion system likely involved at some time. All things are not the same for everyone. Google “Full but Famished”. or “Famished but full” and you will likely find one artical on it where one woman could not lose weight.