Useful MS Information

Sylvia Lawry
Who is she I hear you ask, well she is the lady we can thank for starting the MS Society’s around the world, she foundered the society in 1946. Read all about her at- Human Motion Institute | News and Announcements

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Interesting read AL. Like you I lived in Africa for a large part of my life and shouldn’t have been vit D deficient. I got my dx after living back in the UK for 12 years but with hind sight I’m sure I had symptoms while still over there. I’m definitely not disputing the research but I do believe that if you have the gene it’ll grab you at some stage. My years over there may have helped in that I’m not too badly affected, but my doctors reckon that’s got a lot to do with my stubbornness.

As usual a good blog, well done.

Cath x

Thanks AL. Great info. I had never heard of her!

Confused me for a minute as her name is almost exactly the same as the building I live in (which I better not put on public forum)!!!


Pat xx

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