Upset as missed MRI due to bad weather

So I was meant to have an MRI on Wednesday but the snow was very bad in southern Scotland, we couldn’t get to the hospital!

It’s been rearranged but I have to wait ages again. :frowning: Very sad today as back in limbo and i’ve had new symptoms. I have not been diagnosed with anything and the MRI would have been my first diagnostic test.

My partners noticed I have had some speech difficulties and forgetting simple words. And bladder problems. I have spoken with my neuro about new symptoms and he said they are consistent with his previous preliminary diagnosis of an ‘inflammed central nervous system’ (suggested because of symptoms and examination) and we will wait for rescheduled MRI.

I am a young stay at home mum with two small boys, so struggling with it all - I have always been fit and healthy before. My partner works full time, no family live near-by. It is all taking a long time to get a diagnosis, get help and I am struggling with coping emotionally. My partner has suggested paying for an MRI to speed things up. Not sure if that will help?

Just posting here to vent.

Well, it might do if your NHS neurologist practices privately and you could book a private consult and then he/she could commission the scan before he/she then referred you back to the NHS list. But it’s a lot of money to shave a couple of months (or whatever) off what would have happened anyway, and it isn’t going to change the outcome. Of course I understand your frustration and disappointment at the weather having stymied something you had psyched yourself up for. I would feel the same in your shoes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the faff and expense of going private would be good value for money. Maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t - all I’m saying is that it isn’t obvious (and I’m speaking as someone who did go private, but my work’s private health scheme covered it, so that was a bit different).

If you can get to the NHS hospital at the drop of a hat (likely to be difficult in your circs, I guess) then it would be well worthwhile getting on the scanning department’s cancellation list. That can really speed things up if you’re lucky. For instance, would your partner be able to take time off at short notice to do the childcare to allow you to jump at the first chance of a cancellation? Worth considering, I think.

Good luck.


Brilliant, thanks Alison. My neuro is fantastic so would rather stick with him then move, just to have a private MRI/save time. Will speak to neuro before making any decisions.

I will definitely call them tomorrow and get put on a list for cancellations! I am 15 mins from hospital in a rural area (never any traffic) and my partner works near-by so that is possible. As long as there is no more snow!!

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As snow prevented your mri hopefully you will be a priority. Gentle, friendly phone calls & emails to the department are never pointless! Also, it could be worth sending an email to Pals at your hospital explaining the situation & asking how long it will be before you get an new mri appointment.

sitting back and waiting only leads to stress ! I have learnt that everything ms = slow time

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Thanks Sarah, i’ve spoken to neuro and MRI department. My new MRI appointment is in 6 weeks, best they can do as my appointment will take an hour as it will be brain and entire spine. But they’ve put me on the cancellation list too and will call me asap if anyone cancels!