Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

Just thought I would give a wee update. I don’t post much now but I do keep my eye on the forum.

Rachael has been on Tysabri now for 15 months and has been relapse free for all that time, had a small sensory relapse about 10 months or so ago and that has been it. She still suffers from fatigue and pain and has normal symptoms for someone with ms but things are going really well.

She turned 18, passed her driving test, bought a car and is now out all the time. She goes clubbing most weekends, works part time and spends most evening driving around with her friends. She has just applied to the Scottish ms society to do the tough mudder with her sister.

She is also once again talking about moving out on her own but wants to rent a flat near where we live, when I say near I mean she wants one that is within a 5 minute walk from home so that if she needs me and I don’t have my car I can get to her in no more than 5 minutes.

She is home tonight which is unusual now but she is due her Tysabri infusion on Friday so in flagging a little bit, she burns the candle at both ends and is squeezing every ounce out of life so it is no surprise.

Long may it continue.

With love and much thanks for all your support and great advice since I joined this site.

Linda x


HI linda,

so so pleased to hear that Rachael is living life,and having loads of fun i remember when you use to come on and tell us how bad she was.

so its so good to hear,and thanks for updating us all.sending Rachal lots of love and best wishes too you both.

J x

hi linda

great that rachel’s treatment is having such a good effect.

thank you for sharing such happy news

carole xx


Really pleased to hear that.

Hi, sounds like Rachel is living the life of a regular teenager. And why not indeed! But her wanting to move

so close to you means you’re still very much needed!


Hi Linda,

Wow cant believe she so young with MS. I really hope she stays in remission, And well done passing your test my Daughter passed on the 7th try.


Thank you everyone.

Rachael just came home with a tattoo. She really is a real life teenager. It is the MS butterfly with the word strength beside it, it actually is very pretty.

She is already saying she wants another one.

Linda x

Hi Linda,

Sorry I didn’t see this before I PM’ed you. Its so good to hear how Rachael is just getting on with being a teenager - I’m jealous of the tattoo - I want one but I’m not allowed

Take care hun and more of these amazing updates please


JBK xxx

Very pretty, love butterflies.

Lovely to hear your daughter is getting on with her life. That must make you very happy.


Hello & send regards to Rachel too Glad thinks are ticking along OK

Sonia x

Thanks everyone, she is very pleased with it. She says it was not painful getting it done so is quite excited about getting more. Only down side of it is she seems to have had an allergic reaction to something as her contact dermatitis has flared up, her fingers are swollen, sore and itchy with wee red spots and one of her elbows is on fire with spots and so very itchy. It could just be coincidence that this has flared up at the same time as tattoo but she can’t get her hair dyed or have acrylic nails done as she is allergic to something in them.

She is putting E45 cream on it every few hours but no cling film after first day and is washing it with dettol soap. Seems to be going ok.

Linda x

Some antihistamine tablets may help Linda if things don’t improve.


Hi Linda

So glad to hear Rachael’s MS has calmed down since she started Tysabri. It’s wonderful to hear that she’s living the life of a normal teenager, you must be very proud of her. Her tattoo is beautiful and she’s an inspiration to other youngsters with MS. My best wishes to you all, long may it continue

Tracey x