Update From Neuro Appointment.

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with transverse myelitus 16 months ago after a virus, which cause 2 lesions on my brain. It affect my speech and i lost the use of my right hand. I still suffer from that attack now with regards to my speech.

I requested to see him to give him an update of other things ive had going on with me.

He doesnt want to do any further tests or another mri.

He said that he doesn’t think my tinnitus is realted, that my leg & hip pain is not realted and is most probably sciatica, i told him about some funny things going on with my eyes, see sort of shadows, he said that he’s not worried by that, could be floaters or because i am generally anxious that pupils dilate & thats also how things like that can happen.

I asked him if i can expect my current symptoms with my speech and hand writing to improve or is it too late, and he is said it is not too late and that things can improve for years.

He said that i have lost alot of confidence which i have and funnily since seeing him my speech has been great so maybe it does play me up due to anxiety, depression, nerves etc.

I asked him if maybe my eyes were funny because my evoked potentials were not normal, and he said not to worry about that and that the most important thing is that my spinal fluid from the lumber puncture was clear.

He doesn’t want to carry out another mri.

He’s given me hope again that maybe i won’t go onto get ms, but who knows.

He said if ever i start to think awful things i need to think of my favourite thing instead.

Ive felt great since mentally alot better to the point that i have booked a holiday and discussed trying for a baby with my partner,

I just hope it stays this way xxx

Great new !! Onwards and upwards…stay strong and positive. Best of everything to you Xx

That’s great :slight_smile: Go and get on with your life - and enjoy it! Karen x

Great news!

Relax and enjoy.

Pat x