Unsure of the future

Hi, I have been diagnosed this week with Primary Progressive MS and would love to hear from someone who has this type of MS. My main symptom is my mobility. I have foot drop of my right foot and weak leg muscles and my walking is getting steadily worse. I seem to spend my time concentrating on not tripping or falling. I’ve had foot drop for 2 years but over the last few months have developed other symptoms. I get spasms in my feet and twitching muscles mostly at night when I’m trying to sleep. I don’t know what the future holds for me and am feeling a bit scared at the moment so would like to hear from anyone who can empathise with me. Thank you

It maybe worth posting on Everyday Living aswell, as there are a host of wonderful people who can offer you help.

Catherine x

Hi Ange58,

I am really struggling with mobility at the moment too. I was diagnosed with MS 3 weeks ago and can completely relate to your fear.

I have foot drop too but if is on my left leg. As this whole thing (disgnosis) is very new, it is perfectly understandable to be terrified. The future seems so strange. I am hoping that it will be easier to deal with once this sinks in.

I am lucky in many ways, my partner is incredible. She has helped me in more ways than I can name but I am incredibly fortunate to have her in my life, for both emotional support (she is going through all of this too of course) and caring for me.

I am really glad that I found your post and that we can share our experiences.

Take care of yourself,