Unsure about symptoms

Hello, I’m new to this but I was wondering if anyone can offer an opinion. I had a seizure in September this year, I was out for a while and was very very drowsy when I came round. Prior to this everyday I had pins and needles in my hands and feet and pain. I slept nearly all day long everyday. I had an MRI and an EEG which both came back normal. I wasn’t allowed to drive for 6 months. I saw a consultant neurologist who said I wouldn’t need to go back unless I had another seizure, he said it would take a while for my symptoms to go. Since then I have had a number of dizzy spells at work and bad palpitations where I had to have an injection at hospital to slow down my heart rate. I have been a teacher for 4 years, I’ve been to and from the doctors a number of times due to migraines and vision and extreme tiredness. They keep putting it down to a virus or perhaps I’m depressed. I feel like I’m going crazy. I seem to have bouts of tiredness that just take over me and I physically can’t do anything but sleep for very long periods. I’m really struggling due to the nature of my job and don’t feel I can go back to the doctors again.

Any suggestions?

Thank you xx

Hi Lomas,

Sorry, but you’ve got to go back to the doctor’s. Why do you feel you can’t? Your problems haven’t just gone away, have they, so you wouldn’t be making a fuss about nothing.

There is a slightly higher incidence of epilepsy in people with MS - however, it’s not a common symptom, and certainly not a common first symptom.

I’m a bit curious about the neurologist’s opinion that it would: “take a while to go”, as that suggests he either knew or had a strong idea what it was, otherwise how could he predict what would happen? Were you actually diagnosed with anything - i.e. what did the letter to your GP put it down to? There certainly should have been one, and you should have been on copy, but it doesn’t always happen. If the GP’s received it and stuffed it in the file, you are perfectly entitled to see it and discuss the contents - as it is about you.

Please go back to the doctor. Don’t rule out that depression can cause extreme fatigue, and even physical symptoms - however, it would not cause migraines or seizures. There’s a possibility of more than one thing going on here - e.g. that there’s an underlying physical problem, but also that you’re getting depressed/anxious about not having answers (not surprising - I think most people would be).