Unexplained symptoms; could it be MS?

Hi everyone

I got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome last April after complaining of unexplained fatigue with normal blood tests. However since then the condition has changed and Im now at the point where MS seems to be in my head. I have an appointment with my GP next week but just wanted to see whether I am going mad and imaging things or whether these symptoms really do warrant investigation. Any help is appreciated.

Over the last 3-4 months these symptoms have been getting progressively worse. I have spasms in my arms and legs that feel like severe cramp. They are always there and fluctuate in intensity and pain throughout the day. Its never all over but somewhere always hurts and at times the limb effected goes stiff and i can hardly move it. I also have intense tingling sensation every few days in my face that lasts for hours. I get severe headaches, migraine like, about once a fortnight that mean I cant do anything all day except curl up in bed with the curtains shut. I constantly exhausted and even gentle activity wears me out. Im finding bizarre temperature sensations in my legs and arms, sometimes they are very hot, sometimes very cold but always just one arm or just one leg. It always wears off after a few hours. I also keep walking into things like doorways and tables, almost like I cant quite negotiate walking around them properly. I find I have to hold a the stair-rail now or else I fall over.

My vision is fine however.

Am i right in seeing the GP and thinking that maybe this is neurological?

Thanks Michelle

Hi Michelle, yes it does sound as if your symptoms should be investigated just to see if they are neurological.

CFS/ME can cause a lot of distressing symptoms similar to MS but I think considering your balance is bad & you are having so many sensory problems it is worth taking it further and having some tests.

Make a list of you major symptoms. Don’t make the list too long as GP’s tend to dismiss that. Put the symptoms that you have put above.

Don’t tell the GP that you have been on the internet and think it might be MS… again they won’t take it seriously.

Make the list and tell the GP how much these symptoms are affecting you and that you think something else is going on.

The GP should refer you to a neurologist who will carry out some tests to see if you possibly have MS. It can be a long drawn out process to get a dx of MS (or not MS) so don’t expect anything to happen quickly.

Come back and let us know what the GP says and if he/she gives you the referal. IF the GP is not generally sympathetic it might be worth taking someone with you to say how the symptoms affect you.

As you probably know from reading posts on here, IF it is MS, it is not the end of the world.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

I was dx with ME in 2002 then soon after with fibromyalgia as well. A lot of your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia, horrible fatigue, muscle twitches, muscle ache etc. Have you seen a rheumatologist? My symptoms have progressively worsened over the last couple of years and I’ve been wondering if it’s MS, but can’t face talking to gp about it.

Good luck, Deb

Hi Deb

I was also diagnosed with fibro 6/7 yrs ago. My symptoms have gotten a lot worse recently (and eye probs) and I’m booked in for another mri soon. I can’t help thinking the neuro missed something last time I was tested.

I have constant pins and needles in my arms and legs - right leg from knee down goes v numb for a few hours each day. My hands and feet are blue with cold. I have twitches constantly and one eye is slightly blurred. Are your symptoms similar?