Hi All

Just thought I’d put a few things down - things I’ve noticed , especially with work colleagues

They know I have recent diagnosis of MS , but they don’t really understand what it is , or how its treated.

Do I expect them to ? no, not really, but as I’ve been there 12 years and know most of them on a personal level, I thought they would have been better informed…I know I would want to be if it was the other way around…just to show some knowledge

They know I’m having DMD and have had 2 infusions, As I do lots of running, and most ( not all ) of my symptons can’t be seen, some people have even asked if it’s true

If you tell someone you have cancer and are having Chemo - people totally understand what that means and they know where to " File " when I tell them I hve MS - they say, oh - where is your wheel chair. My boss even suggested that I woul be able to use the Invalid toilet soon !

What do you say to a comment like that ?

The same person even said that with the running I do - there can’t be much wrong with me - So, I offered so swap !

He can have my MS …if he wants

I try not to get annoyed about it and put it down to ignorance , I don’t want pity

just want people to be better informed

Rant over

now I’m of to the shops


Hello Ray

People are idiots. They don’t know about MS because there aren’t as many of us as there are people diagnosed with cancer.

When I first told my boss it looked like I had MS (years ago now), he said ‘oh I’m sure you don’t!’ He had no idea what he was talking about, but then at the time, neither did I really.

To understand MS, you have to have it, or be close to someone with it, or make a concerted attempt to learn about it, or of course be educated by someone diagnosed with MS.

So, I suspect you are now going to have to educate your friends and colleagues about MS.

If they are still ignorant, then don’t expect any help and support from them. Maybe stop considering them as friends!