Uhthoff's phenomenon

My nuro has told me this is common, basically when things stop working untill you rest. Anyone else told this ?

Uhthoffs is overheating; see http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/Uhthoffssymptom.html


Hi, never heard of this but just looked it up. Think I suffer from this on a daily basis, not that I am particularly heat sensitive but I think due to normal fluctuations in body temperature. I don’t suffer from fatigue but yes I get a bit worse, balance and walking then I sit down , even just for a couple of minutes and I get a bit better again. Cheryl:)

hi there, i hadn’t known anything about this until i read this post, but after having looked it up, think i get this everyday, love Bex xx

Hi all,

Just to clarify one thing about Uthoff’s which is quite clear in the link George posted:-

Whilst heat can and does in some people with MS, temporarily worsen symptoms (as does the cold in others), the term Uthoff’s itself pertains only to blurriness of vision brought on by heat. It’s not an overall name for ‘heat sensitivity’ (as far as I understand it…)


Eiona :slight_smile: