Hey peops,

Has anyone heard of this as I’m unable to find out how, why or how does this work.

I was on Tysabri and after 3 infusions I delevloped Tysabri anti bodies (blood test confirmed this)

I have been told in Jan I’m to have another anti body test and if negative I can go back on Tysabri with some stuff

given to me to stop me having another bad reaction to it.

If this is the case won’t my body make anti bodies again? I said I felt great on it but a MS nurse said that it would

kill me if I stayed on it. Now they saying I can go back on it if anti bodies are negative.

I have a hight white count normally anyway so any reaction is more acute with me.

It all sounds very string theory to me or quantum physics.

There are a couple of people who have tysabri at the same time as me who developed an allergic reaction after 2 or 3 infusions - they now have antihistamine just before they start the tysabri infusion and the nurses keep a close eye on them during the infusions, but they seem fine with no futher problems, so I’m sure that they will get you sorted out so you don’t have to stop tysabri

Thanks Floppy

Also they give you some hydrocortisone but still not sure how this stops you getting new Tysabri aniti bodies and

was the ‘it will kill you’ comment slightly exaggerated.