Turning point of MS

Hi everyone, Im a newbee, yet to be dxed , and awaiting my first app with Neuro.

Up to to now I have shown all the signs of MS. My GP suspects I may have had MS for over 15 years. (Im 43). I just wondered though if any of you had a particular ‘turning point’ or accident that brought your MS to the surface. I pretty much coped with and ignored my early symptoms, however, a blow to my head by a falling tree branch (last June) completely chnaged everything. At the time, I suffered concussion, but did not lose consciousness, so I wasnt too worried. From thereon however, my blurry right eye, tremors, tingling, jerks, nystagmis, back problems, agonising feet pain, bladder issues, poor cognitive skills etc all increased dramatically, and are pretty much 24/7 now. I am convinced that bump on my head just hurried it all up - weird.

Im keen to hear if its at all possible?, ( or is it just all in my head - excuse the pun ) - or if something similar happened to you.

almond x