Turned down for ill health retirement,

Hi all, does anyone have experience with appealing for IHR i was turned down recently and intend on appealing.

any help advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Karen,

I applied for it, and an OH Dr is coming to visit me at work on Tue to see if she can keep me working. Why did they turn you down?

Luisa x

Are we talking retirement from an occupational (final salary / career average) pension scheme? If so, the scheme trustees will be bound by the scheme rules, which may well say that ill health retirement pensions can only be paid to people who will never work again - so it may be all down to what your health professionals have said.

Lolli xx

are you actually working or have you been off work for some time?

I got my ill health retirement from the NHS but had full support of teh occupational health dr and my MS nurse. They both wrote excellent supportive letters.

Perhaps give us more information on what type of job you were doing, sickness eyc…

Hi, I have been turned down too because my neurologist said he could try different meds !!! He knows that my MS is very sensitive to any changes. I’ve not worked now for 4 years i was a clerical assistant with the local council for nearly 20 years and ended up being dismissed ! The occupational health doctor, private doctor, my own GP all agreed that I cant work.

You can only apply for ill health retirement 2 times. I am scared to apply again incase I’m refused agian. My neuro said he will support me this time, but i’m not sure he will.

Please let me know what you end up doing.

keep smiling!

catherine x