I have RRMS and (through luck or diet – who knows?) I am very fortunate to not need a wheelchair. My MS is really stable – maybe even benign. But I still need a walking stick, I’m wobbly, and I take drugs for fatigue.

I used to live in London but I was forced to leave once I got MS and couldn’t work anymore, so now I live in a rented house in the country and I’m feeling progressively more cut off, due in part to the local bus service having been scrapped. Taxis here are very expensive and my mum lives a couple of miles away in the next village. I can’t drive and I don’t really want to learn.

However, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a tricycle so I can go shopping, maybe even get to a gym, and so I can visit my mum more regularly. She has mild dementia and I like to cook meals for the two of us – so I can be sure she’s getting some decent food. I don’t want a mobility scooter because I want to keep moving for as long as I’m able. But I’ve found this fabulous electric-assist tricycle. It’s perfect for me. It’s built in France and it has 2 front wheels and one at the back. The amazing thing about this tricycle though is that when you ride it you can lean into corners and the two front wheels lean over, so it’s more like a bicycle but it has the stability of a trike, plus there’s a generous space at the front for a big load of groceries. The only trouble is, it’s really expensive: £3600!

My dad died last year, and my mum says she could help me buy an electric tricycle, but I was wondering if the MS Society might be able to help too. They have a maximum of £1500 available for scooters but they don’t mention tricycles.

Does anyone have any experience applying to the MMS for assistance, specifically for a tricycle?

Sorry Rainshadow,

Can’t give you any advice but fascinated by the tricycle, sounds ideal for your needs. Know a friend in London had a similar large tricycle, but not electric, with two seats on the front for her little boy and her shopping.

Just don’t forget high vis and lights.

Let us know how you get on with MS society,


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Not a trike but I did apply to the MS society back in 2013 for help with my Benoit lightdrive

As you will see the Lightdrive is a power assist add on motor …

I got £2000 from them and some more from other charities. Try turn2us - good for finding a charity that might match. The only touble you will find is explaining what the trike is: its not a manual, its not an electric, its a hybrid. Same as mine, so that why Im sharing here.

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These aluminium trikes are considerably less expensive and might be an option if cash becomes a problem.

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