trances zombie states

Has anyone else noticed their husband/wife /relative with ms going into trances like brain has switched off?.My husband is always doing it i could be standing right next to him and he doesnt even know i am there, he is staring with a blank look not blinking and when comes out of it confused and doesnt know what he was doing.Strange stuff, he goes like a zombie and he isnt on any medication yet!. Please comment if you have heard of this or you know someone with ms who does this

Hi again Julie,

I’m only really answering because I saw nobody has yet. Like the weight loss, this is something I don’t get myself (that I know of - though I live by myself, so there isn’t anyone to independently verify), and I wouldn’t say, from what I know and have read, that it’s a common symptom of MS.

However, you have mentioned, in separate posts, that Hubby is very preoccupied at he moment (with worries he has cancer etc.) and has severely impaired vision. I wonder if these apparent lapses are more the result of poor vision, and being very absorbed in his own thoughts, rather than a direct symptom of MS?

I’m only speculating, but it’s easy to become a bit vague if you are dwelling on something, and if you can’t see very well either, I would imagine it distances you still further from the immediate surroundings.

I’m glad you mentioned that he’s not yet on any medication, because that was my first thought!

I think this needs mentioning to the neuro, but it could be mood/psychological rather than neurological.



Yes you could be right he is very worked up at the moment i will mention it when he sees neurologist in april .Noticed he hasnt been doing it so much touch wood lol. x julie

i am in your husbands position. i have ms, i am on medication. i go into transes on a regular basis, i forget what im saying, doing ect. i could just do with a shake sometimes if you asked my wife.

its brain fog as far as i see it. perhaps this will get better for him, its worse with me when im tired.

my wife does moan alot so i do switch off for that too so it could be a bit of both if your a moaner hehe

hope i can help adam

Yes, I get it too occasionally. It’s like my brain just shuts down for a little while and I find myself staring into space. Not sure what can be done about it but worth mentioning to GP/neuro.

Mags xx

Hi everyone i havent noticed him doing it for a wile hopefully he has stopped doing it he isnt even on any medication yet so if he is doing it now what will he be like when he gets medication.Another Neurologist wants to make sure it is ms and not devics and rule out few more possible causes before giving him medication, although he did say mri brain scan resembled ms .xxx julie